Over the summer I took down my website, as I really wanted to determine it’s value. I was a little bit surprised when I came to realize how owning my website made me feel as a professional versus what business it generated for me. Having worked for a successful web development client for over 3 years, I really came to appreciate the value of a GREAT website. One of the key factors that I came to appreciate the most, was the value of your websites content! The content within your website is what really defines you, and in return, sells your service.

Does Your Website Content Sell You?

When you read your website, does it answer your questions? If it doesn’t answer your questions, what do you think it is offering potential clients? It is important to ensure that your website content tells YOUR story. Your story should highlight your skill, passion, experience and education. Most people struggle with selling themselves, and will usually gloss over the most important part of their site – the “Bio” or “About Us” page. You would think it is obvious that you must have a well written Bio or About us page, but surprisingly, this page usually has the least amount of content, by entrepreneurs or new start up business owners. When developing your website, it is important to sell YOURSELF! Tell people who you are, why you do what you do, and share your passion for your service or product.

Less Is More

I have a confession! When I first started my home based business over 3 years ago, I had a pretty busy website. I had far to many animations going on, super bright colours that were different on every page, and the ultimate no no, images that were not released by the Creative Commons. I was fresh to being my own boss and I wanted to handle every aspect of my business, after all it was MY business. I designed my site using a popular DIY program, and even recommended that same service to some of my clients; however, I came to learn that there are rules that one must follow when developing a website.

The message here? Potential clients want to know about your product and or service. A busy, inconsistent website will make that process challenging. As for images and using other peoples content, we all know, stealing is just wrong. Sell YOU, sell YOUR PRODUCT, sell YOUR PASSION.